Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bad Weeks

All of us have had those weeks where they just seem to drag on & nothing good or positive seems to happen. Well that has been my life for the past few weeks but definitely this week. I learned though that you can't back down & have to fight through it.
Unfortunately, in this world we have negative people who are unhappy with their lives & try to bring you down with them. They are cruel & unhappy, but even though with these bad experiences, we get stronger. We get stronger because we are happy with our lives such as having a loving family, blessed with a group of friends & lucky enough to have an education to get a high paying job in the future.
Even though this week has brought me a lot of heartache, plenty of tears, & many sleepless nights, I have really been counting my blessings. During tough times you really see who your real friends & family are, the best thing you can do during these weeks of think of the positive things.
It's never okay to be unhappy, but I'm always wanting a quick fix to put a smile on my face even if it is only for 5 minutes.

What I do in case of a bad day/week:
1) Starbucks run: get out of the house & get a coffee, it is always good to get moving to get your brain flowing to think of something positive.
2) Yoga: I do not do yoga often but when I do, I always feel so rejuvenated after. For that one hour, all I think about is what I am supposed to be doing & not any of my problems. Even a bonus if it is yoga on the beach :)
3) Watch your favorite movie: I was lucky last weekend because Harry Potter Weekend was on ABC Family (love)! Watching a movie always gives me a laugh or two & definitely a break from reality. I'm definitely considering watching pitch perfect tonight!
4) Pinterest: time to online shop without actually purchasing anything (unless you HAVE to have it). I have been known for being an impulse buyer but ever since Pinterest came around, I pin something & most of the time I come back later and unpin it or decide I didn't like it as much as I thought.
5) Take a nap: with all the sleepless nights & thinking, I really exhaust myself! Taking a quick nap in the afternoon will really rejuvenate you & give you the rest you need.

Now always remember, bad things happen to everyone, so you are definitely not in this alone! Keep your chin up & everything will be okay :)

PS.. A quick trip to the beach never hurt either

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