Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School

My life has been insane lately including summer finals & GRE studying! I can not believe August has already crept up on us & it's time to get shopping for back to school. Hello senior year of college.
With all the school supplies out on the shelves, I get anxious & want to buy all my supplies now but of course syllabus' typically don't get posted until the first day of class. Over the last few years I have figured out a system that works best for me to keep all my assignments & notes straight...

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda: I got my first one sophomore year of college & literally the best investment. I always get a large so I have plenty of room to write down all my assignments, test dates & extra cirricular activities. I usually take 18 hours a semester which gets pretty hectic, so I color code each class so when I quickly flip through, I just look for the color coordinating with the class for an easy find (I love using the Penmate Flair Pens!).

5 Star Flex Hybrid Notebook: I used to have one folder & one notebook for all my classes which worked for me but my business professor told me to try another system to organize a bit better. So I went with the flex which is a notebook & binder in one. You can fold over the flex like a notebook to take notes & pull it apart to put notes in different dividers, pretty cool if I say so myself! I love color though so I ordered a Lilly monogram to put on top & it's perfection. You can always use a monogram ;)

Pens/Pencils: I love writing in pen & oddly enough love pens you get from businesses, those just seem to write better for me. But on occasion, I do use pencils for exams & anytime math is involved but I like mechanical pencils. I typically use the BIC ones (especially in pink) & even have a lucky pencil my friend gave me which everytime I use it, I do well on exams!

iPad: Some classes want you to bring a laptop so you can follow along with the power points or in my case practice excel spreadsheets. I have a 15" laptop & it's a bit heavy to carry around all the time. So a few years ago for christmas I got an iPad mini, it has been my life saver. It is easier to carry around because it fits in my purse, plus has all the programs I need for classes. I have a bluetooth keyboard I sometimes bring too incase I need to type faster to take notes.